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The Ready To Use Dashboards

Pre-Packaged Analytical tool where we transform your data into meaningful visuals in a ready to use state.

iGrid with its expertise over 10 years of experience across various business verticals & technologies have architected Vipassana to make it a pre-configured data models & dashboards with built-in feature of slicing & dicing to various levels. Vipassana is ready to use product; just download the template, fill the data, upload the data and enjoy the visual treats.

Information is power, but using the data to produce the right information & insights can be a challenge. One might have valuable data stored in different forms or discrete systems but few people have time to dissect it and make sense of the numbers. Some will go extra mile by measuring the data using KPIs and represent it using Dashboard Reporting / Visuals. While these will provide the current-state of business, intellects add value by incorporating business insights and Analytics visuals indicating trend, potential points of success and/or concerns.


Benefits of Vipassana

Vipassana has been designed to demonstrate the data transformation into information insights with trend analysis and analytics. It has ready-to-use solutions for Retail, Manufacturing, Financials and Supply Chain.

Vipassana contains feature-rich dashboards that delivers a wide range of visuals covering KPIs & measures in the form of metrics on a single page. Provision to drill-down, apply filters, export the result to various file formats for distribution has been in-built.

We are in the process of building infographics dashboards, solutions for more industrial verticals as part of the product roadmap.

It is a prepackaged BI & Analytical solutions for specific application domains. It is ready to use Framework for Dashboards & Analytics Solutions It avoids building a BI solutions from scratch.

Packaged Analytics helps in BI Solutions getting delivered faster The Dashboards helps in both tactical & strategic insights for decision making.

It is Cost Effective and companies can have quicker Return on Investment.

Vipassana on various domains

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