Data Integration

Data Integration Services

iGrid’s DIS Framework is primarily developed and governed by iGrid techies. It’s primary function is to merge and centralize data for ease of access, management, and business intelligence that it can be applied to various business ends or routed to specific users, business units, partners, applications, or prospective solutions.


Connect to any source

Integrate with cloud, on-prem, mobile, IoT data using hundreds of pre-built connectors.

Quickly adapt to changes

Empower endpoint users to fix breaks without relying on IT

Ensure reliability and security

Elastic, configurable and scalable cloud-based integration platform with secure connectivity.


Quickly add and comply with requests using our DIS Framework.

Enterprise Reliability

Fully managed, configurable and scalable cloud-based B2B integration platform to establish seamless connectivity.

Robust and secure

Design, deploy, and manage in any environment (on-prem, cloud, hybrid) with a proven enterprise-ready framework.

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